Do you remember last year's extraordinarily inspirational October 24th photo of the solo, young woman from Babylon, Iraq?

I just had the great joy of getting to speak with Ola Al-Yaseen on the phone, and it made my day to hear that she's Getting to Work organizing for 10/10 … this year, with friends!

Iraq is no easy place to be a climate change organizer.  Ola and I had exchanged a few emails in the lead-up to 24 October last year, and she had been in close touch with Ali and our friends at IndyACT in Lebanon.  She was having a dreadfully tough time getting anyone in her area to join in for a 350 action during last year's global day of action.  Not only are there the physical dangers of organizing out in public in Iraq — in an oil-rich country there are strong cultural challenges to face when advocating for action on climate change.

Yet Ola would not be deterred, and she managed this beautiful photo near the Hanging Gardens of Babylon on the 24th of October — alone:

Ola did not stop there.  She persisted onwards, and managed both the logistical nightmares and resource challenges to make her way to Copenhagen for the UN climate negotiations there in December.  She travelled alone to make her voice heard as the future of the planet was being debated.

And even in the weeks following Copenhagen Ola reported in an email that back home she was not receiving much support for her efforts to speak out on climate and her journey to Copenhagen.  Nonetheless, while catching up and keeping up with her studies and starting a new magazine at her University, Ola has now found some friends willing to take up the climate cause along with her.

They have their exams approaching in the coming weeks, but as soon as they wrap up, she says they will be getting together to discuss 10/10 work party plans on how to connect with more groups in Babylon, in Bagdad, and across Iraq.

A movement of one is now growing.

Good luck, Ola, and we are all here with you!

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