Guest Post by Claire Schoen

We are launching the Stepping Up podcast. These are stories of climate advocates who are stepping up their game in unexpected ways. Grannies and kids, evangelicals and clowns, they will amuse you and inspire you, as they figure out new ways to act – and act out – about the biggest crisis of our times.

A wise woman once told me: “If you want to be a climate activist, you need to do three things: create community, touch nature and… well… get active!” My activism takes the form of storytelling. I give voice to people whose stories can spark the interest of others, suggest a path forward and inspire them to action. In the process, I run into some remarkable people. And I have a blast.

My new podcast, Stepping Up, has introduced me to some folks I never would have encountered otherwise. I’d like you to meet them too.

Ep 1-photo1


The first episode is called The Loudest Smallest Voices. It brings you into the world of a group of 12-year-olds: Elliot, Charlie, Dakota, Anna and Kiran. Still short in stature, their voices are resonating from rooftops. Their mission is nothing less than to save the oceans from the ravages of climate change. Adults are listening. And other kids are joining them. I tell you, these 5 kids amazed me. Their understanding and articulation of complex concepts was remarkable. The chemistry behind ocean acidification. The inter-relationship between kelp and coral and sea otters. In fact, they taught me a thing or two about climate science. At the same time, they are as playful as puppies; cute, silly, irreverent. They were a lot of fun to hang out with. I invite you to step into their world. Stepping up is not your ordinary interview show. Instead, each of these 10 episodes is a highly produced audio documentary filled with stories, scenes and sounds.

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