Since the COVID pandemic set in, climate strikers have adjusted their tactics and held digital actions throughout the year. This month, they’re calling for a concentrated global effort, where young people all over the world organise their versions of the climate strike to #FightClimateInjustice. This year is obviously very different from the last, when around 7 million people took to the streets for the Global Climate Strike, one of the largest coordinated global protests in history. A lot has happened between now and then and mass protests have had to take on different shapes to keep everyone safe. But it is a crucial time to remind the world how climate justice is connected to building a healthier more resilient world. So young people are still coming out, this time specifically in support of MAPAs (Most Affected People and Areas). 

The Inside Story

Photo: 350 Philippines

Heroes: The Climate Strikes this year are led by a group of 6 young people from MAPA countries. MAPA stands for Most Affected People and Areas, it’s the people who feel the effects of the climate crisis the most while bearing the least responsibility for it. These brave young people from some of the most vulnerable communities in the world are standing up because they’re seeing with their own eyes that climate action can’t wait. Click here to read the incredible stories of Mitzi Jonelle Tan from the Philippines, Eyal Weintraub from Argentina, Disha A Ravi from India, Kevin Mtai from Kenya, Laura Verónica Muñoz from Colombia, and Nicole Becker from Argentina.

Join the Strikes

We’re back: To support the September 25th day of action, find events near you, register events or get involved online go to

Post a picture of yourself online doing the symbol of solidarity using the hashtags #FightClimateInjustice and #FridaysForFuture in solidarity and support of MAPA .

In case you missed it

Photo: 350 South Asia

Women lead: In May, Satkhira district in Bangladesh witnessed the fury of cyclone Amphan and now massive floods have inundated the region, leaving one third of the country underwater and many residents with nowhere to go. This week, women took to the streets with the demand for climate justice and led the second day of Climate strikes in Satkhira, Bangladesh. (And there is yet more to come, keep an eye on 350 Bangladesh and FFF Bangladesh for ways to support.)

One to watch

Strong Winds: This week, the Pacific climate warriors launched the stunning short film, Matagi Mālohi: Strong Winds, to kick off a week of climate actions across the Pacific. Matagi Mālohi tells the story of Pacific Islanders’ journey to uplift their people and shape a narrative that paints them not as victims of the climate crisis but as the leaders, the healers, the nurturers, the artists, the gardeners, the growers, the seafarers and the navigators they are.

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A lot of amazing stuff is happening: more than 4000 events have been registered on the Fridays for Future websites, but we’ve picked a few which we’ll be keeping an eye on.

Pacific: In the Pacific, youth climate networks will mobilise and show the world that a Just Recovery is about “planting the seeds today that we know our future can harvest tomorrow.” Communities in the Pacific islands and Pacific diaspora will plant both literal and figurative seeds as a means of building community and working together to grow and share resources. Check out what the Pacific Climate Warriors have planned this week.

The Philippines: Climate activists from Pilipinas will hold a light painting protest at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani Memorial in Quezon City, Philippines as a build-up activity that will call on Filipino youth to join the Global Climate Strike on September 25.

The action was organized to show solidarity with the youth climate strikers who are bravely protesting in the midst of the shifting political landscape in the country which is currently experiencing increasing attacks on civil liberties, human rights, and the shrinking democratic space for social movements. See the light paintings in action here.


Japan: Due to COVID-19 precautions, youth strikers in Japan have planned a national unified ‘shoe strike’ to symbolize the numbers of people that are unable to march but would still like to make a stand for climate justice. More information on actions in Japan here.

South Africa: The Climate Justice Coalitionis calling on the people of South Africa to answer the youth’s call and rise for climate justice across the country. Take action where and how you safely can, given COVID-19. If you can, please join them for a socially distant, regulation compliant, mask-wearing march from the Union Buildings to the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy to the Minister of Finance’s office in Pretoria. More details for other events across South Africa here.

Use Your Power


Join the strikes: Check out for more.


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