It has been a few weeks since we shared much news about the proposed new coal plant in Kosovo. Suffice it to say that it remains as bad an idea as ever—for Kosovo, for the US and World Bank who are pushing the project, and for our global climate. So here are three resources for anyone interested to learn more about this case:

First, a great new artcile asking “Why Does the World Bank Say it Cares About Climate Change, But Continue to Aggressively Push Coal?” by Stephen Lacey on Climate Progress: click here.

Second, the Kosovo Institute for Policy Development and the Sierra Club have a great fact sheet out that explains why a new coal plant isn’t needed and what alternatives are possible: click here.

And third, for those with a bit more time (90 min), here is a great documentary that discusses not only the impacts of coal in Kosovo, but also the connections with communities fighting coal in South Africa and the United States, and the impacts on our global climate: click here.


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