Earlier this week  local organizers, concerned people from as far as Winnipeg gathered in Kenora, Ontario protest an Open House hosted by TransCanada Inc. to build support for their Energy East project. Led by Anishinaabeg people, TransCanada was sent a clear message that this pipeline will not be allowed because of the threat it poses to the water, the land and the climate.  Check out this inspiring video from the action.

(Video by Crystal Greene, find more video and a full account of the action here!)

Over the next three weeks, TransCanada has scheduled Open Houses across Northern Ontarion in Longlac, Hearst, Kapuskasing, Cochrane, New Liskeard, Mattawa and Cobden. Will you take a stand like the folks in Kenora and take action at an Open House in your community?

We’ve put together a step by step kit to help you plan, organize and take action that you can download by clicking here.

TransCanada’s Open Houses only tell TransCanada’s side of the story and leave out the real threats to communities and the climate. That’s why we need your help to show up and let people know the truth about Energy East. Helpfully, TransCanada posted the dates and times of their events on their site here.

You don’t need huge numbers to take powerful action, a few people gathering with signs or going to the TransCanada Open House to ask pointed questions helps show that community oppostion is growing. Will you take action?

If you’re interested in planning or joining an action, email us and we’ll help support you and connect you with more people in your community who want to take action.

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