I was just starting into a busy week of 10/10/10 preparations (we're just 6 days away!) here in Barcelona, Spain, when I got a gchat message from our US coordinator, May Boeve, who is attending the UNFCCC climate negotions in Tianjin, China this week. She was not sending any sort of urgent update regarding news from the negotiations. Rather, she was asking for help to get a video online. She had just had a great conversation with Latif Amars, a 10/10/10 organizer from the Tanzania Civil Society Forum on Climate change in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and she needed help getting the video up on YouTube from someone outside China. She uploaded the video to drop.io (a file sharing site). I downloaded it here in Spain, and posted it to YouTube. And so here you are, a wonderfully sweet 10/10/10 organizing update from Tanzania (via China, drop.io, gchat, Spain, and YouTube — global organizing!):

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