It takes a degree of faith and confidence to decide, five weeks out from a Global Day of Work Parties around the world, that you are going to take up the challenge and help your city and country represent the good work happening on climate change. But that's just what our friend Tinatin did, and now Tbilisi, Georgia, is on the map!

Tinatin (Tiko to her friends) is already organizing people in Tbilisi.  Tomorrow she is giving a presentation on her generation's interest in climate change and what young people can do about the problem.  She is also (and this is really cool) going to use some new organizing methods to recruit people from that presentation–methods that we worked together on practicing at a Youth Leadership Camp in late August.

In addition to good tools, she has good friends as well.  Georgians Nugzar and Zviad will be working together with her on the 10/10/10 actions, and they are building the network and the movement in Georgia together.  If you'd like to see a beautiful written language, check out the Georgian world page for 350 here, along with some wonderful photos from last year's 24 October events.  

If you're considering your own 10/10/10 Work Party, take note: with a few good tools and a few good friends, you can make it happen.  Onwards.

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