Image: Robert van Waarden / Spectral Q

It was cool and cloudy this morning as more than a dozen volunteers placed red flags across a park field in Bonn, Germany.  We were preparing to create a giant aerial image and message to the UN climate talks taking place here.  No one anticipated just how wet we were all about to be — or just how beautiful an message we would create…

Starting at around noon over 500 people (Bonn locals and international activists alike) braved a steady, cool rain to form the aerial image directed by our friend John Quigley, SpectralQ.  With penguins, polar bears, and puppets greeting the crowd as they entered the park it was a festive event and a clear demonstration of the groups’ dedication for the issue — lying on the wet ground for over 40 minutes as photographers and press snapped pictures.

And the message?  To world leaders and the delegates attending the UN climate talks we were sending a laaarge reminder of the urgency of this moment.  Time is tck tck tcking on as world leaders linger and delay in doing what they can and must do — set the world on course back below 350 ppm CO2.

And the aerial image wasn’t all.  After all the photos were taken the group rose up, donned green hard hats (keeping our white suits on), and marched to the UN climate conference.  And there, despite instensifying rain, the hardy crew addressed our message directly to the delegations inside — Yes you can!

Update: This just in from Young Friends of the Earth Europe…

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