Many thanks to Subhankar Banerjee for his amazing new site Climate StoryTellers.  The very first post is a long and moving account of forest mortality from various beetles and pests–not just in one forest or one continent but all around the earth. Banerjee has a truly global take on the world, and it's stories like these that will help everyone understand that nothing happens in isolation any more.

This is from near the end of his piece (after a shout out not jsut to but to our excellent friends at Climate Justice Network and the Center for Biological Diversity: Our task is to make the collective global voice louder and louder until ignoring such loud cacophony will not be an option by our governments. Global warming is not something we can solve with good behavior and healthy lifestyles. It will require major government action to control pollution–and–polluters and to start a low–carbon–society.

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