As another heatwave is hitting Europe and smashing all-time temperature records in Belgium, the UK, Germany, and Paris, Greta Thunberg and the young school strikers are calling on millions of adults across the world to join them in a Global Climate Strike. Will you be there, too?

Fossil fuel corporations and their backers have brought us to the brink of climate breakdown.

As another heatwave scorches through Europe, the climate crisis is back to making headlines. But no one seems to be naming the villains, and no one is being held responsible. Yet.

This September, Greta Thunberg and the young school strikers will lead millions of adults across the world in a Global Climate Strike, to stand up to the power of the fossil giants, and speak up for our future. We’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s time for a #ClimateStrike on the scale of this crisis.

Starting on 20 September and culminating a week later, the world is going on strike. We’re striking from work, walking out of offices, classrooms, shops. Some of us will take the full day off work, some will join an event on their lunch break or simply post a selfie in support of the strike. Together, we’ll show the fossil fuel industry and those who lend them money and power that we no longer support business as usual, and their days are numbered.

This September’s Climate Strikes will go down in history as a moment we finally stood up for our climate, for our planet, and for our future. You can pledge to join right now.

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