This September’s climate strikes will see thousands of events taking place across the world. Here’s ten meaningful ways you can support the climate strikes:

1. Join the Strikes

Across Europe, hundreds of youth-led strike events are planned. Find an event near you on the global map, and sign up to make sure you get updated details.

2. Spread the word

It’s a simple as it sounds. Tell the people you know about the climate strike. Invite your friends, relatives and workmates by sharing the call to action on your social networks.

3. Organize your community

All of us are part of communities: our workplaces, our faith communities, our sports clubs. You can encourage your community to form a bloc with you, or even do a simple photo action supporting the strikes on the day. Brainstorm how you can organize your community here, by checking out materials and ideas listed on the global strike website.

4. Point the finger

The Climate Strikes this September are shaping up to be the largest climate mobilisation in history. We should use this moment to point the finger at those most responsible for causing the climate crisis: the fossil fuel fuel companies, and the governments and banks who support them. Show up to the strikes with Fossil Free messaging.

5. Lend a helping hand to school strikers

Help to make it easy, safe and fun for kids to organise and attend the strikes. Practical help and moral support are both really valuable. Buy your kids or grandkids a public transport ticket to get to the closest school strike. Volunteer to be a steward for the strikes in your town. Volunteer to help make signs and banners to take to the demonstration. Go to the strikes together.

6. Learn together

If you feel that those around you might not be comfortable joining the strikes yet, then open a space for people to share their questions and concerns, and to learn together about the strikes and the climate crisis. Host a discussion or show a film at work, start a conversation at the family dinner table, start a chat thread among your friends.

7. Take photos and videos

Millions will join the strikes in person, but hundreds of millions more will see them and feel like they’re part of it too if we all take pictures and videos, and then share them widely online. Use the hashtag #ClimateStrike to make sure others see your pics and footage.

8. Help share stories from around the world

Some of us aren’t able to strike or join events, but there’s still loads we can do. Share images and videos from across the world by retweeting and reposting content on your social media channels.

9. Be hopeful

The climate crisis is far bigger than us as individuals – it can only be tackled through collective action. These moments show us when we join together, we are powerful and unstoppable. So enjoy the moment!

10. Join a local group

This climate strike isn’t just about one day or one week of action – it’s about building our collective power so we can keep up the pressure on decision-makers until they take the action that’s needed. Join a local group in your area to disrupt fossil finance and demand climate justice.



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