The feared Anti-Terrorism Law has taken effect in the Philippines beginning midnight of July 18, according to the Philippine Department of Justice.

We are thankful to everyone in the international community who helped raise awareness and solidarity with Filipino environmental defenders and climate protectors in the face of this attack against our right to defend the planet.

We have gathered more than 22,000 signatures and 120 co-signing organizations across the world over the past five days. News outlets picked up the story and amplified our message.

Not surprisingly, the Duterte government responded with attacks from its troll armies against the various petition initiators in social and news media. Just yesterday, the office of Kalikasan, one of the lead petitioners, experienced surveillance from suspicious elements.

These reprisals, however, mean they heard our cries loud and clear—and they would think twice about heightening the suppression of our voices with the entire world watching.

Our fight is not yet over. We hope you can continue your support as we now face the risks of the Terror Law every day.

Please continue driving support to our petition as long as this draconian law remains in place – share this with your friends and network if you haven’t already.

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As one planet, let us continue to resist.

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