When I'm able to get away from my computer before the sun sets here in California, I love going for a long bike ride after work. In fact, many of our staff here in the Oakland office bicycle to work every day (I end up taking the subway across the Bay from San Francisco). Those of you reading this blog are probably already familiar with all the benefits of cycling: it's fun, good for your health, keeps you out of traffic jams, and cuts carbon emissions.

Cycling also makes for a great 10/10/10 event! We've heard about lots of cool bicycle events that are happening around the world for 10/10/10. There are bike parades scheduled on nearly every continent, people in one Australian city will be attempting to fix every bicycle in town, and some people like the crew at Ride 350 are embarking on long cimate rides (speaking of, if you're in the US, take a look at the Climate Ride that's happening this September to benefit our friends at 1Sky and elsewhere).

But clearly you don't have to wait until 10/10/10 to get started cycling. Check out the photo in this post that we just received from Salaya Nakornpathom, Thailand organized by a group of students with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. It's a great example of the type of photos we're looking to receive from all over the world on 10/10/10 — remember, the day isn't just about getting to work yourself, but showing the rest of the world (and our political leaders) how they can get to work too!

Good riding to all of you, remember to wear your helmet, and make sure to sign up your 10/10/10 cycling event if you haven't already.

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