Thank You, Representative Waxman

Representative Henry Waxman (D) of California announced this morning that he would be retiring from Congress after forty years of service.

Rep. Waxman was the rare lawmaker who didn’t just talk about climate change,  he worked diligently to understand and present the science of the crisis. He understood that physics, not politics, will ultimately judge the success of our efforts. ‘Reality’ reality, not ‘political’ reality, was his primary concern. As more politicians pay lip service to climate action, but fail to grasp scale of change necessary to address the crisis, Rep. Waxman’s unwavering commitment  to the facts will be sorely missed. We look forward to working with the Members of Congress and Senators who take up the mantle of science based climate policy he carried for so long.

Thank you, Rep. Waxman, for your service and commitment to tackling our civilization’s greatest challenge.


Freeze New Fossil Fuel Development

Governments meeting at the next climate conference must put their Paris pledges into action -- and action means no more room for new fossil fuel projects.
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