Over the past weeks, we’ve witnessed actions around the world, including here in Asia, showing support and solidarity to stop the dangerous pipeline project in Africa.

Through these actions, I believe our movement will keep getting bigger and stronger, and our goal to stop the EACOP will soon be achieved. Just look at how our friends in Japan never gave up and kept fighting for our fellow communities in Africa:

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It is not common knowledge in Japan and across Asia that Japan is the world’s largest public financier of fossil fuel projects. Japanese megabanks are without fault. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) and MUFG Bank funded Total, the oil giant behind the dangerous EACOP project.

The climate crisis has already greatly impacted communities, their health, and their livelihoods. If completed, EACOP will displace 100,000 people and threaten the water 40 million people depend on.

This is why it’s crucial that we continue the fight to stop EACOP and stand with the people in Africa.

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Many poured their hearts, passion, and solidarity into this work, solidifying this movement’s global strength to protect people, nature, and climate. We must build upon this momentum.

It’s still a long way to go before we win this fight against corporate greed and profit, but I am hopeful we will get there.

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