The youth have spoken, and they’re ready to fight for the world they will inherit

After President Obama delivered his State of the Union Address last Tuesday, a powerful movement of young people delivered their own. They call for social justice and equality. Phil Agnew of the youth empowerment group, the Dream Defenders, delivered the 2014 State of the Youth address:

“The only way that we can overcome the debilitating deficiencies of our country is through a mass movement of the people. We must be about the business of building power, person by person, corner by corner, block by block. It’s up to us…. The revolution isn’t coming it’s already here. On what side will you stand?” – Phil Agnew

It’s clear that the young people that will inherit our planet are ready for change. Let’s show our government what real leadership looks like. For climate justice. For social justice.

Watch the address below, and share if you stand with the message of the Dream Defenders.


Break Free From Fossil Fuels

May 3–15, 2016: On six continents, thousands of people took bold action to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground. Break Free showed what the climate movement can do in 2016:
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