We recently started a new series on our Instagram – modeled after Humans of New York – that profiles young climate activists from around the world. 350 Pacific‘s Communications Coordinator Fenton Lutunatabua helped start the series strong with these powerful stories from Fiji. Meet 5 people at the frontlines of fighting for a better world.

This is the story of how young Pacific Islanders are finding their voices in the climate discourse, and how they are shaping their own narratives with their multiple truths.

This is their story.


Tevita Bola, Lau, Fiji Islands

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“When you invest your money in fossil fuels, you invest in the destruction of the planet. Fossil fuel divestment and switching to renewable energy, is key to protecting our island homes and everything it represents.”

Tevita Bola has been working on environmental protection since 2009, first with Greenpeace Australia Pacific, and now more recently focused on climate change, with 350.org. Tevita is calling for fossil fuel divestment and the transition towards renewable energy.


Cecelia Moku, Tailevu, Fiji Islands

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“I was born into a world that was already dealing with the impacts of climate change. This makes me afraid for the type of world my children will be born into.”

Cece was one of the young Pacific Climate Warriors involved in the 350 Pacific’s first Non Violent Direct Action in Newcastle, Australia. On the 17th of October, 2014 Cece and the Pacific Climate Warriors blockaded the worlds largest coal port with traditionally built, hand made canoes from the Pacific. It’s only when she joined 350.org as a volunteer, did she realize how much of a threat climate change poses for the Pacific.


Josaia Tokoni,  Kadavu, Fiji Islands

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“Young people play a key role in the climate movement. We need to work with as many of them as we can to protect our Island homes.”

Jay is an aspiring politician and is looking at ways he can mobilize more young people in the climate movement, whilst also paying close attention to ways in which he can influence policy change. Jay recently joined 350.org as a volunteer in Fiji and believes that young people can create the change the world needs.


Gregory Ravoi, Lau, Fiji Islands.

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“The only ones that can save the Pacific from climate change are ourselves.”

Greg is focused on being part of the solution to climate change and believes that we all have a role to play in protecting this planet.


George Nacewa, Nadroga, Fiji Islands

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“We are blessed to be stewards of this earth, and it is our duty to ensure that our children have a better world to live in and are able to fully explore their indigenous cultural identity.”

George is the 350 Fiji Coordinator and leads the young group of Fijians who are working to protect their islands. George has a daughter named Aiyanna Samantha and says that he does what he can in the Climate Movement to ensure that Aiyanna and her grand children will always call Fiji home.


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