We just got the word last week that Treehugger.com — the most widely read environmental blog in the world — awarded 350.org and our founder Bill McKibben as the Best Climate Activism and Best Political Ambassador of 2010!

Many thanks! First of all, to Treehugger for the awards and all their help getting the word out about the 350 movement. Second, to all our partners on the campaign — 350.org's always operated as an international collaboration between hundreds of groups around the world. And last, but most certainly not least, to all of you who are part of the campaign! We like to call 350.org "open-source activism" meaning we rely on your talents, your creativity, and your bright ideas to make this campaign work.

I'm not sure you can take credit for Bill's award — he's a pretty articulate guy (although, on second thoughts, he's almost always talking about the work that 350.org supporters are doing on the ground) — but you can most definitely take joint-credit for the Best Climate Activism award. Congratulations!

If you're like us, you've got no intentions of resting on your newly acquired laurels. Building a climate movement is a 365 days a year sport and I think we're all eager to push the boundaries of climate activism with our "Get to Work" campaign this year. So raise your right hand, bend at the elbow, give yourself a big pat on the back and then let's get back to work!

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