This weekend people around the globe marched to protect science in epic numbers. Next we’ll build on that energy and demand real climate action at the Peoples Climate March on Saturday, April 29.

900 organizations are supporting the March – everyone from NAACP to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Indigenous Environmental Network to Indivisible to Interfaith Power and Light. 300 sister marches are happening in cities from Kalamazoo to Kyoto.

People from across the US are descending on Washington DC: hundreds of buses are coming from as far away as North Dakota. A crew of Vermonters are cycling their way now. A group of fisherman are getting there by boat. 50 Iowans are starting their march early and traveling by foot.

Join this big, beautiful, diverse march for climate justice on April 29th in Washington DC.

It was exciting to see so many people out on Saturday, decked out in lab coats and dinosaur outfits – and to see scientists, who for the most part have tried to remain nonpolitical, taking to the streets.

The Peoples Climate March is the next step: to confront the power of the fossil fuel industry, to demand solutions, and stand up for the people on the front lines of the climate crisis.

The breakthroughs required to address the climate crisis aren’t just in the laboratory, they’re in our political system. Scientists are doing their part — let’s do ours. Let’s march.


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