Tonight, all around the world, people will be shutting off their lights at 8:30pm as a part of this year's Earth Hourcelebration. It's a great moment to pause and remember that in addition to the community and political organizing we do, committing to real change in our personal lives is important too.  We can start with turning off our lights, and use that moment to think deeply about how we can go "beyond the hour" (this year's Earth Hour theme) and commit to making other changes in our personal lives – getting out of your car and onto your bike or feet, hanging up your clothes instead of popping them in the dryer, eating food that is locally grown.  We know these changes alone won't get us to 350ppm, but they're a part of the work we'll need to do, and as organizers, it's up to us to set the example of how we can all live happy, healthy, low carbon lives.

Cheers to all the 350 organizers around the world participating in this year's Earth Hour – in the Philippines, Cebu is really going beyond the hour and using the opportunity to push a call for a moratorium on the construction of coal-fired power plants – you can read more about their efforts here and see photos below.  Let's all pause tonight and think about how we can go beyond the hour together this year, in our own lives, in our communities, and together as a global movement!


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