President Obama is on the brink of making his final decision on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline — last Friday, the Nebraska Supreme Court validated the pipeline’s risky route through the state, moving the pipeline onto his desk.

That makes the coming weeks a critical period to demonstrate to the President that we insist he reject the pipeline. This campaign has been sustained by action in the streets and now we need to show that we still stand strong against this climate disaster of a project.

Tomorrow evening, the climate movement is mobilizing coast-to-coast to tell the President to reject Keystone XL now, and there’s an action near you. Can you be there to help send this project to the dustbin of history?

Find an event near you:

For months, President Obama has said he was waiting on the Nebraska Supreme Court to decide on the route of the pipeline to make his final decision. The Court allowed the route to stand, and so it's up to President Obama to take action where they wouldn't.

The campaign against Keystone XL has thrived on the energy of grassroots activists like you taking the message that the pipeline was a climate disaster to the streets. Now, with President Obama on the brink of a decision, it's up to us to show him that he has the support he needs -- from the movement and from science -- to reject the pipeline once and for all.

This is exciting.

I'll see you in the streets,


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