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We’re building a people-powered movement for a safe climate. Right now in the UK, we’re fighting for a Green New Deal and to cut off money flows to the fossil fuel industry.

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We need a Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is a game changing plan to stop the climate crisis, create millions of decent jobs, protect nature, promote justice and build a world in which we can all thrive.

Sign the petition now to call on the Government to support a Green New Deal.

There are five key demands that make up the Green New Deal: 

  1. Decarbonise, fast: End our dependence on dirty fuels, and build an economy based on 100% clean energy
  2. Jobs and a just transition: Create millions of new well-paid, unionised, secure, and future-proof jobs for anyone who needs one, and guarantee a decent livelihood for anyone currently working in high emission sectors
  3. Transform our economy: The financial system should serve the needs of people and the planet, and our government should be accountable to people, not corporations.
  4. Protect and restore: Protect and restore vital habitats and carbon sinks, including forests and wild areas, ensure nature friendly food production, and ensure the provision of clean water, air, green spaces and a healthy environment for all.
  5. Promote global justice: Do our part to help the rest of the world build fair, clean and healthy economies, accounting for the UK’s historic and ongoing role in exploiting communities and resources across the world.

We have the resources to achieve these things, and we know that the majority of people are behind us. But right now, we’re being held back from this future by the tiny minority who benefit from keeping things as they are, and by politicians who serve their interests ahead of ours.

The Green New Deal is a big and ambitious government plan: we know winning it won’t be easy and signing a petition may seem like a small action. But this is the first step in a long campaign, where we’ll be using a range of different tools and tactics to make politicians sit up and listen. Together we can win the fight for a better future. 

Sign now to tell our Government: We need a Green New Deal!

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