Does my MP support Energy For All?

Energy For All is a ground-breaking campaign led by Fuel Poverty Action to ensure everyone everywhere in the UK has access to the energy they need to live decent, comfortable lives. And it should be clean, renewable energy – paid for by recouping the obscene mega-profits of the fossil fuel giants that are wrecking our planet.

In order to make this happen, we need our elected leaders on board. Use the tool below to check if your MP supports Energy For All and – if they don’t – follow the steps to help ensure they do!

PS: Want more information about the Energy For All campaign, what it’s about and what we’re hoping to achieve? Read more about it further down on this page!

STEP 1: Check to see if your MP supports Energy For All

Our partner Fuel Poverty Action have an up-to-date list of the MPs who have said they support Energy For All.

Check out the list here and search the page to see if your MP is on there. Not sure who your MP is? Enter your postcode on this page to check.

Check if my MP supports Energy For All

STEP 2: Apply pressure (or thank them!)

Is your MP not on the list?

Then now’s the time to apply pressure to try to get them on side. People across the UK are setting up petitions demanding that their MP takes the fuel poverty crisis seriously and backs Energy For All. Go to our campaign page to see if there’s already a petition in your area that you can sign and – if not – you can create your own!

Sign or set up a petition

We’ll send you lots of helpful resources to help you along the way once you’ve set up your petition.

My MP is on the list! So… is there anything I can still do?

Why not send a note of thanks to your MP, either on social media or via email – or even a postcard! Skyrocketing energy bills are pushing millions more into fuel poverty, and your MP has shown they’re taking this crisis seriously by backing Energy For All.

Another thing you can do is to see if your MP would be up for meeting to discuss how to grow the campaign and convince other MPs to join them.

The Energy For All campaign

(Thank you to our partner Fuel Poverty Action for the text!)


 Energy For All will give every household the essential energy they need to stay safe and well, for free. Higher amounts will be given to those in greater need due to age, health, disability, children or leaky housing. No unfair standing charges or prepayments. Not cut off when money is tight. And leaky homes upgraded.


The UK is a wealthy nation, but millions are suffering from fuel starvation and forced to live in cold damp homes. Existing support is clearly inadequate and being further reduced. We need a real safety net that people don’t fall through. And pricing that is not upside-down, with poorer people forced to pay more per unit than the wealthy.


The money needed to give us all energy security can come from the grotesque profits being made by fossil fuel companies enjoying artificially inflated prices. And from higher tariffs for extravagant, wasteful use of energy. Our government is subsidising fossil fuels with millions of pounds every day. Fuel Poverty Action started the Energy For All campaign to end these injustices for good.

Under Energy For All:

1. Each household will receive, free of charge, enough energy to ensure it can cover its needs. This includes for instance adequate heating, lighting, cooking, hot water, refrigeration, charging phone and digital connectivity, and where needed, hearing aids, medical equipment, stairlifts, and wheelchairs.

2. This free energy will be paid for by higher tariffs on usage exceeding what is needed, by windfall taxes on fossil fuel corporations, and by recouping the millions of pounds now spent daily on subsidising the fossil fuel industry.

3. UK housing will urgently be brought up to a standard where people are not made ill by their own homes. It is a scandal that homes in one of the world’s richest countries are the coldest and dampest in Europe. Safe, non-toxic, non-flammable insulation appropriate to the building, and sound heating systems must be installed by skilled workers in consultation with residents. All rented property must be kept in good repair. These measures will dramatically reduce the amount of energy required to meet provision number 1. They will put low income households on a par with better off neighbours who already need less energy, and it will greatly ease pressure on the NHS.

4. No household will be required to pay in advance for the energy they need by means of key or card prepayment meter in their home, or by means of a smart meter. There should be a permanent and statutory end to the installation of prepayment meters by court orders authorising intrusion in people’s homes, or remotely by smart meters set to prepayment mode. No one should be disconnected from vital supplies as a means of recovering debt.

5. There must be urgent attention to injustices in the energy pricing system. Including the relationship between pricing for electricity and for gas when renewable energy is cheaper, geographical discrepancies, exclusion of itinerant and some other communities from current benefits and provisions, unfairness in pricing for storage heaters, time of use payments and district heating, and the huge standing charges which presently penalise people who can only afford to use a little energy. Many of these issues, including the standing charge, will be resolved by Energy For All but they must be attended to while the new pricing system is brought in.