On October 24th, high school students from the United World Colleges all around the world joined in the 350 day of action, hosting bike rides, tree plantings, and educational events from Croatia to Vancouver.  Here’s a bit more info and some photos from the UWC website:

UWC students Sophie Hawley-Weld (Adriatic College) and Juan Pablo Hernandez (UWC Costa Rica) found out about the 350 Initiative when attending the Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership in Canada in July 2009. “We wanted to start a UWC-wide action on October 24 to follow our UWC common mission closely and delve into issues of sustainability”, Sophie explains.

Sophie and Juan Pablo set up a Facebook group for the event which attracted almost 800 members and promoted the initiative to all the UWCs. Six UWC Colleges took part in the initiative and the photos they took are displayed in the gallery below. Students are also working together to produce a video they will enter in a climate change competition.

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