350 fell exactly on the same day of the UCSC 7th annual Practical
Activism Conference. Practical Activism, a grassroots call to action, is adynamic day of learning planned each year by a group of students from UCSC.
This Conference (see activism.ucsc.edu) provides opportunities to engage andget involved: workshops, interactive activities, speakers, arts projects,music, performance and informational tables all provide tools for change.
Student Planners incorporated 350.org and educated conference
attendees and others through a creation of a photobooth with the facts and explanations of 350 pasted on it. They also illustrated the carbon dioxidelevels in the atmosphere by baking cookies at 350, 387, and 450 degrees.
Many attendees took part in this photobooth by reading the facts and speaking to student organizers about 350. After educating themselves, they took a picture with our photobooth to show their concern and support for 350!

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