Update from the 350 Climate Action Workshop in Berlin


20 youth from Sweden, UK, Norway, Finland, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands joined us last weekend for a weekend of training and planning for youth-led climate campaigns in Europe. 

Next to some amazing ideas that were developed for 10/10/10 – clothes swapping action in Sweden, put up a solar panel on the roof of a UK university, dance action in Finland and a Silent Climate Parade in Germany – plans were also made for a European wide climate action for universities next spring. 

Having such an amazing bunch of inspiring youth leaders with us and working with some of the most amazing young campaigners and social entrepreneurs from the UK Youth Climate coalition, Wake up call Sweden and Nest social media agency to bring more European youth into action definitely made my day.


Break Free From Fossil Fuels

May 3–15, 2016: On six continents, thousands of people took bold action to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground. Break Free showed what the climate movement can do in 2016:
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