Two local artists, Molly March and Cathy Stubington, from the Calendario
Art Project, ad Bill Darnell and Mary Stockdale, from the Vernon Climate
Action Network, organized a Climate Impacts Day event on 5/5/2012.

Since the devastating pine bark beetle outbreak that has turned BC’s
forests red and then grey is a proven local example of climate impact, the
main activity was to make a beautiful Ponderosa Pine drawing on a large
banner, at the Bean Scene, with public input in creating the art. WE also
created a ‘dot’ banner and two smaller banners dotted with CO2 molecules.

Then, a group of about 25 people held a parade to Spirit Square near City
Hall where there are 4 magnificent specimens of these pines.

Here there was a short celebration of the Ponderosa pine that included
songs, poetry readings and speeches. Speakers handed around specimens of
pine bark beetles as well as the puzzle-shaped bark pieces that fall to
the ground whenever there is a beetle attack. Poems and songs celebrated
the beauty, mystery and generosity of the pine tree, and grieved the loss

of trees, jobs and sawmill workers’ lives due to the beetle outbreak.

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