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Colombians began the week of June 20th with a new President elect, the economist Gustavo Petro. Throughout the presidential campaign as well as his career, Petro has consistently indicated his support for the country’s energy transition, an important shift in relation to current Colombian policies for the sector.

Given this scenario, publicly emphasizes that the change in government brings a unique opportunity for the country to overcome socio-environmental damages caused by the exploration and use of fossil fuels, as well as ushering in a fair, rapid, and systemic energy transition. also highlights the urgent need to implement measures to protect environmental defenders, given that Colombia has consistently topped global rankings of violence against these leaders for years.

Ilan Zugman, director of in Latin America, states:

“The newly elected government will have the chance to implement more progressive energy policies, a long-time development Colombia has been waiting for. If it takes advantage of this opportunity to initiate a just energy transition, the government will not only contribute to global efforts to address the climate crisis, but also to Colombia’s international credibility. From the outset, thousands of people in vulnerable communities in Puerto Wilches expect the immediate interruption of fracking pilot projects. There will also be the need to unite talent and efforts to implement a national energy transition plan, to ensure Colombia fulfills its renewable energy use potential. The Colombian socio-environmental movement remains strong and resistant, even in the face of the extreme violence that is often promoted with the support or apathy of political representatives. The time has come for Colombia to make a quantum leap in its relationship with environmental defenders, guaranteeing their protection and heeding their demands in the development of public policies. All Colombians stand to gain from this.”

Peri Dias – Latin America

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