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Dear Friends,

I’m writing to say thanks for your incredibly hard work in the last year, and for your efforts in the year and the decade ahead. 

Just to remind you how the 350 campaign got going, and what it accomplished, and what we still have left to do, here’s a special page of videos we’ve prepared:


It’s a bit strange to send out the 350 year-end wrap up after the new year has already begun, but we didn’t want this note to get mixed in with all the end-of-year appeals from worthy causes. 

Money helps, but it’s nowhere near as important as time and effort. There are people like you all over the world, or at least in the 181 countries that held 5,200 rallies on Oct. 24. Foreign Policy magazine just called it "the largest ever coordinated global rally of any kind," and it had enormous effect: more than half the countries that came to Copenhagen a month later backed a 350 target. Money can’t buy that kind of commitment–only the passion for the earth and its future can.  It’s just that kind of passion that you’ve brought to this movement in the last year.

Take seriously the request at the end of the video recap page–we need your ideas about where we go next. We know what we have to do–keep the planet from overheating–and we know it’s going to be hard. 

We also know that because of your work, and everyone else’s, it’s going to happen.


Bill McKibben for 350.org

P.S. Going through these videos lifts my spirits–I think your friends and family might like them too.  Feel free to forward this e-mail along–or to share the videos with a couple of clicks on Facebook click here, and to do the same on Twitter click here.

P.P.S. We may be a bit quieter than usual over the next few weeks–my team and I are spending some time regrouping and recouping, but expect to hear from us before too long about the road ahead. 

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