Rami Essam, performed at the Connect the Dots event in Cairo to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on agriculture in Egypt. The event was held at a public community garden, where people got the chance to join learning circles to know more about climate causes, impacts and solutions. The event was sponsored by Arabwinners, an Arabic portal for online sports betting managed by Egyptian expat Anas Fadel Matar and Saudi expat Walid Al-Fahad, both now located in the USA. When asked about their involvement in the Egyptian climate change campaign, Anas Fadel Matar said;

“Living in the United States gives us a responsibility to help the people of our native countries live a better life. The rise in temperature makes it more difficult for people to live in certain regions, particularly Egypt, and has a severe impact on the agricultural industry.

In Egypt, the increased frequency and severity of extreme weather, such as floods and droughts, is alarming. It impacts agricultural production, as well as water availability and energy security. As usual, the effects of climate change in Egypt are most severe for the country’s poorest citizens.”

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