EACOP: A Crude Reality

French oil giant Total and the China National Offshore Oil Corporation are building the world’s longest, heated, crude oil pipeline – right through the heart of Africa.

This pipeline will devastate communities in Uganda and Tanzania and tip the world closer to climate disaster.

As the UN climate talks – COP27 – take place in Africa, now is the perfect time to show world leaders the fight communities in East Africa are leading against this pipeline and for the climate.

Watch EACOP: A Crude Reality

Hear directly from communities affected by EACOP and activists who fight what would be the longest-heated crude oil pipeline in the world.

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Who is resisting EACOP?

For years, local groups and communities from East Africa have been resisting EACOP and calling for alternatives to fossil fuels – often at great risk to themselves.

Despite the dangers, they continue to oppose the pipeline and have assembled an alliance of African and international organizations to help amplify their message and bring new allies – like you – to the StopEACOP campaign.

Why StopEACOP?

Picture of smiling woman and children. Image taken by Lambert Coleman / Les Amis de la Terre France


If completed, the pipeline will displace 100,000 people from their land and threaten the water 40 million people depend on. This pipeline is already having frightening impacts on human rights in the region.

Picture of male lion and two cubs in the grass


The pipeline will slice through some of the most ecologically diverse and wildlife-rich places – including Murchison Falls National Park which is home to some of the largest populations of elephants, giraffes, lions, and leopards.

Solar panel array on a renewable energy plant


The latest UN climate report says we cannot build any new oil and gas projects if we hope to keep global heating within 1.5 degrees. Governments should listen to local people – and honor their calls for clean, fair, safe, and 100% renewable energy.