We are one month away from Rise For Climate’s global day of action on September 8th, and we still need so many more people to mobilize if we really want to put pressure on our local leaders to commit to a fossil free world. One of the things you could do to make this happen is start talking to your neighbours and bring the conversation to your local community. That’s what a group of Rise for Climate grassroots organisers in California did. They went door-knocking and canvassing in their own streets and local parks to get people to come out for their local Rise for Climate event and with great success!

So start talking!

Download our guide about canvassing and recruitment in your area, and make your own flyers and posters with our easy to use poster + flyer maker.

Or, if you’re in California, here’s our canvassing guide for the march and pre-made leaflets and sign-up sheets.


If you haven’t joined the Rise for Climate movement yet, find or start a local action near you:

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