Trillions of euros are on the table this week as world leaders discuss how to spend huge amounts of COVID-19 recovery money. Yeah, you read that right: trillions.

Decisions made by the G20 and the EU Council this week will shape our world for decades to come. And right now, politicians are desperate to return to normal as fast as possible.

But ‘normal’ was already a crisis. ‘Normal’ was rapid climate breakdown, growing inequalities, and fossil fuel corporations getting billions from governments to keep drilling and polluting. Instead of fuelling the climate crisis, this money needs to go towards a future that works for people like you and me – not polluters and billionaires.

With the global spotlight on recovery this week, we need to make sure it’s our vision of a greener and more just future that reaches people, journalists and politicians across the world. So we’re doing a Twitter hashtag takeover!

Tap one – or all three – of the buttons below to join the action, and add your voice to the millions worldwide demanding a #JustRecovery!


Not on Twitter but know someone who is? Just send an email to them with a link to this blog post, and ask them to join the call for a #JustRecovery!

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