Exciting News! Our favorite 350 movement video—Because the World Needs to Know–was just nominated for a Webby. And your vote can help us reach & recruit many more movement builders!  

If you haven't seen the video, do take two minutes to watch it below:
We owe a lot to this timeless & wordless animation – for explaining the science of 350, and even more importantly for showing us the global movement we need to keep building to get back there. Now the video's gotten some public recognition via a nomination for a Webby People's Voice Award.  

What are the Webbys? They're a hip, annual set of awards for what's in theory the best of the best of the web. They're like the Emmys or the Grammys – but you know, more webby.  

Usually, we're not into vote-for-me contests. But if we get enough votes – and win this Webby, we're near assured a world of new eyeballs and potential new organizers. It'll also mean that everyone involved with the 350 campaign – and we mean the hundreds of thousands of movement builders all around the world – will be able to browse the web with just a little bit more swagger.  

Free Range Studios", the fantastic folks who created this video, have also put together a quick & quirky 5-step guide for adding your vote. We'd definitely appreciate you adding our video to your ballot's sweet spot – and will be the first to let you know how it turns out (as of this blogging, we're in second place with 10 more days of voting!)  

You can rally your friends to vote on Twitter here: 


If you champion the cause on Facebook (or in any other creative way), do leave a quick comment on the 350 facebook community to inspire everyone there to get out the vote with you.  

And if you're ready to take the next step & get organizing in your town – then consider hosting a MeetUp next week n sync with thousands of events around the world: https://350.org/meetup 

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