With Donald Trump pulling the US out of the Paris Agreement, and new gas and coal infrastructure still on the table in Europe, we need a diverse, people-powered movement for climate justice more than ever.

At the 23rd UN Climate Talks (COP23), where Fiji holds the presidency, the Pacific Climate Warriors are showing true leadership and urging the world to take real action now.

The Warriors are already on the ground in Bonn to spread this message, joined by the U.S. People’s Delegation, the Fossil Free network, and other allies.

If you’re in Bonn, join us! You can connect with the 350.org team and the Fossil Free network at the actions and spaces below.

If you can’t make it to Bonn, you can support us and follow events through the live blog, going live on 3 November at noon. You can also follow and share the big moments on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


2-4 Nov | The Conference of Youth (COY)

On Friday November 3 at 9 am, there will be a workshop on divestment, action logic, and artivism, in English with some German. The Pacific Climate Warriors deliver the closing plenary on Saturday the 4th. Not that only those already registered for COY can participate.

3 Nov I Pacific Climate Warriors at the First People’s Climate Summit (Evening Panel)

18:00, CAMPO Campusmensa Poppelsdorf

The Heinrich-Böll Foundation facilitates a discussion with people from Fiji, Peru, Togo, Vietnam, the UK and USA on climate justice, fighting extractivism, and holding polluters accountable. And the Pacific Climate Warriors – from Fiji, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, New Caledonia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu – share stories on climate at a Sei* Festival of culture and arts.

*The Sei flower is an important part of Pacific culture and represents the joyful and resilient spirits of Pacific Islanders.

3-7 Nov | The People’s Climate Summit – Workshops
  • People of Colour in Europe organising for systemic change
    Monday 6 Nov, 5-7pm, Wissenschaft’s Zentrum, room K1
  • Interfaith Dialogue on climate justice and faith divestment
    Tuesday 7 Nov, 9:30-12pm, Ermekeilkaserne
  • Disobedience more than ever
    Tuesday 7 Nov, 2:30-7pm, Wissenschaft’s Zentrum, room K1

4 Nov | Fossil Free Network at Climate March
Protect the Climate – Stop Coal!

11:15am, Meet Fossil Free network at Münsterplatz before the march

With the Pacific Climate Warriors, we’ll join partners and allies in the Feminist and System Change blocs to march for climate justice and an end to coal. Connect with us directly and meet the Fossil Free Germany network before the march to stay involved after COP23. Find out more on Facebook, or meet us directly on Nov 4th, 11:15 on Münsterplatz, 53111 Bonn, Deutschland. You’ll see the Fossil Free signs at the Beethoven Statue.

5 Nov | Pacific Climate Warriors Solidarity Ceremony // Ende Gelände

More info on Ende Gelände is here

The Warriors will hold a traditional ceremony to show solidarity with more than 1,000 climate activists poised to blockade coal infrastructure in the Rhineland. The Rhineland coalfields are one of Europe’s biggest sources of CO2 and just around the corner from Bonn, where the UN climate talks are being held. People from Rhineland communities, international frontline communities and climate activists will be present.

11 Nov | From the Pacific to the Rhineland
Stories of Climate Justice

18:00, Ermekeilstr 27, Bonn

Hear from frontline communities in the Pacific and Germany fighting against fossil fuel extraction and for climate justice.


Events at the COP conference centre

There will also be a number of public and press events in and around the conference itself, and in the Bula and Bonn zones. From gatherings of the U.S. Peoples Delegation to a workshop on “Achieving a just transition – Climate Mitigation stories from around the Globe”, you can see the full list here.

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