and sometimes it can be a little hard to explain. But here’s an example. We’ve been receiving a big batch of photos today from the Indian city of Ranchi, capital of Jharkand State. It’s not a huge Indian city–about 800,000 people–but it played a big role in many Gandhian campaigns in the 1920s and 30s, and among other things is well-known at the moment as the hometown of the captain of the national cricket team! In any case, there were literally dozens of events across the city. We could show you packed Rotary meetings, people planting trees, official governmental sessions, on and on. We could devote a whole website to 350 Ranchi–or any one of a number of other Indian cities. Or Chinese cities, or… you get the idea. Anyway, thanks to everyone in Ranchi, and to our amazing Indian team. When I look at these pictures I see echoes of Gandhian times–you understand why India led the world out of colonialism and did it peacefully and beautifully.

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