Can you remember the powerful scenes from last September, when millions around the world took to the streets to strike for climate justice?

Shayli was one of the youth organisers behind the amazing success of the global climate strike. He lives in Leipzig and fights for justice every day. One of the ways he takes action is by organising with Fridays for Future.

Shayli’s story has already been inspiring others to join others in the movement. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a climate activist and organise others for action? Take a look: in this short video, Shayli tells his story and shares his vision for the future with us.

Climate strikes are happening all over the world every Friday. The striking kids are not giving up, and they’ve asked us to join them once more in their call for a safe and just future for all.

The climate crisis is on people’s minds like never before. We know that huge mobilisations like last September’s global strikes work, but they’re not enough. Together, we need to keep showing up, and keep building the pressure, month after month, week after week. We need to keep reminding our leaders and decision makers that it’s our very survival that’s at stake.

Shayli says, “We not only have the opportunity, but also the responsibility to make a difference.”

Feeling inspired? Join a youth climate strike in your town, or even follow the example of Shayli and thousands of other climate activists, and start organising yourself! 


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