We are deeply saddened and frustrated to hear that yet another oil spill has occurred in the U.S., this time in Michigan.

As our friends in the Midwest cope with the potentially devastating environmental, economic and health impacts of 800,000 gallons of oil flowing freely down the Kalamazoo River, we can’t help but wonder – when will Congress finally say “enough”?
It has been just over 100 days since BP’s oil gusher began spewing millions of gallons of crude oil into the Gulf, and we had all hoped that when Congress saw how dangerous oil production is, they would finally realize that the supposed benefits are not worth the costs.
But they didn’t.
We had hoped that, backed by the climate movement that you helped build, the Gulf oil spill would motivate our leaders to take a courageous stand against fossil fuels.
But it didn’t.
Congress has killed our only hope for a climate bill this year, and now, 100 days after the Gulf disaster, another oil spill is wreaking havoc too close to home. So we've got more work to do to get our message out, because it's not yet being heard in Washington.
Now more than ever, we need to demonstrate to Congress that we’re ready for a clean energy, low-carbon economy. They need to see how climate change and fossil fuel addiction are affecting our lives, and they need to see what we’re doing to be part of the solution.
We’re ready to turn up the heat on our Senators during the August Recess. If you’d like to join us, go to www.350.org/heat. And as always, please feel free to write to us at [email protected] with any thoughts, insights or updates as we prepare for the Global Work Party on 10/10/10.

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