1) Most widespread day of political action on the planet’s history–with more than 21,000 pictures showing the results.

2) Massive media coverage across the globe, driving the 350 number into the public consciousness

3) Powerful responses from the first world leaders that we’ve officially delivered those pictures to. Here’s Ban Ki Moon, secretary general of the UN:

“I would like to thank the millions of people in 181 countries who participated in’s Day of Climate Action on 24 October. It was one of the most inspiring examples of grassroots political action on global warming  the world has ever witnessed.  This Day of Climate Action came at a critical time in the global negotiations, and demonstrated that people around the world — from Ethiopia to India, Paraguay to the United States —  understand the scientific challenge the world faces. I encourage governments to heed the example set by their citizens, and to take strong action in Copenhagen to address this crisis through bold, visionary leadership.”

To Do:

1) Our advance team is on the ground in Barcelona where the last negotiation session prior to Copenhagen is about to begin. They have huge enlargements of images from Oct. 24, and they have meetings with delegations from around the world to deliver photos, and booklets with scientific and economic analyses of the 350 target.

2) Local organizers around the world need to do the same. Here’s the link to signup for a delivery–once you do our team will follow up with some suggestions on how to make those deliveries, and what to bring.

3) We’re working with big groups around the world to plan a coordinated campaign for Copenhagen. It’s taking a while to reach agreement on a plan, but please keep December 12 free on your calendars–that’s the Saturday in the middle of the negotiations.

4) Help us think of ways to make it clear that the West–and the US in particular–need to be making more guarantees of aid and technological transfer to the global south so that the 350 target becomes realistic

5) Keep 350 in the public eye. We keep hearing reports of ongoing events and actions–don’t put those banners too far back in the closet!

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