North Carolinians greeted President Obama last Wednesday with a clear message: VETO KEYSTONE. The President was visiting our state to talk about American Energy and the economy at a Mt. Holly Chrysler plant. Standing in front of the workers at the Chrysler plant, President Obama touted a plan to build up electric vehicle capacity across the country and cut oil subsidies.

Outside the plant, somewhat prophetically, activists called on the President to veto upcoming legislation to permit the Keystone XL pipeline. Through the tinted windows of his motorcade, the President and the dozens of VIPs who travel with him waved and gawked at our banners and signs.
Fortunately, the Keystone decision never returned to the President’s desk.

Last week, Senator John Hoeven’s amendment that would have rammed through the Keystone XL permit was voted down.  Activists who had been fighting against the pipeline all across the country rejoiced.

But in North Carolina, victory was complicated. Our own Democratic Senator, Kay Hagan, had voted against us. This was a galvanizing blow for the 75 activists who had visited her offices, the hundreds more who had flooded her email and voicemail boxes with comments, and the thousands upon thousands of Carolinians who opposed the pipeline through petition signatures.

So consider us resolved.  Dirty energy money bought Senator Hagan’s ear this time around, but the climate movement in North Carolina is growing day by day. We are determined to keep our Representatives playing fair and to call them out when they don’t.

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