This post was written by University of Toronto Divestment Organizer & Toronto350 member Jody Chan.

Canada’s ready for a new kind of climate movement. On July 5th, we’re marching for climate and economic justice in Toronto, Canada. RSVP for the March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate at

If it’s wrong to wreck the planet, it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage. The divestment movement is based on the idea that we cannot continue to invest in companies that undermine our future. My name is Jody Chan. I am a part of the University of Toronto’s fossil fuel divestment campaign and part of the growing student divestment movement.

There are now fossil fuel divestment campaigns at over 300 schools across North America. We are growing fast, we’re learning fast, and we’re winning. Our victories include the New School, Syracuse University, the University of Glasgow, and Hampshire College. Just a few days ago, Oxford University decided to rule out all future investment in coal and tar sands.

If we want to avoid climate disaster, we need a drastic shift in both economic and political power. The fossil fuel industry has in its reserves five times more carbon than we can afford to burn if we want to stay under 2 degrees warming, the limit before we see catastrophic and irreversible climate change. Divestment is one way to challenge the power of the fossil fuel industry. Universities can shift billions of dollars from fossil fuel extraction and exploration to growing a fair and clean economy. As extremely influential public institutions, they can also make a powerful statement about the kind of future the world should be moving toward.

So, on July 5th, at the March for Jobs, Justice & the Climate, students are going to be marching for a new economy that respects our future. We’re marching for an equal and just economy that takes power from socially irresponsible corporations and gives it to the people. We’re marching in solidarity to demand a system that honours indigenous people’s rights to their lands, and to clean air and water. We’re marching for a safe climate for coming generations. We’re marching because there is no Planet B. And part of what we’re marching for, part of the vision I have for our future, is for our universities to not only be places for intellectual and academic growth, but also to represent the kind of ethically and morally just society that we need to live in.

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