On Saturday, thousands of people from across the country will gather for the Women’s March on Washington.

Trump lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. Together we can make sure that the majority of us who oppose his vision for the country are visible and strong, and show that we will stand with those most at risk.

On January 21st, the climate movement will link arms with women of color and frontline communities for the Women’s March on Washington. There are hundreds of events happening next weekend, but this is one we don’t want you to miss:

RSVP here to join the It Takes Roots contingent at the Women’s March on Washington on January 21. 

If you can’t make it to D.C., go here to find a map of sister marches happening across the country.

Climate change dramatically magnifies inequalities like race and gender, consistently hitting Indigenous, Black, brown, women, immigrants, low-income, and vulnerable communities first and hardest. Climate justice is inextricably tied to fights for justice of all kinds.


I’ll be frank: it’s going to hurt like hell to watch Trump take the oath of office. To heal that heartbreak, the reaction from our movements needs to be swift and powerful.

More than ever, solidarity is crucial. If we organize across movements and put forward a vision of a country that works for all of us, we can stop the rollback of progress and achieve real gains on a local level. Inauguration weekend is only the beginning — but the bigger we begin, the more impressive our impact will be in the weeks to come.

If you’re coming to Inauguration, join the It Takes Roots contingent at the Women’s March, and help show that the Trump administration does not have the consent of the people most threatened by their disastrous policies.

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Another America is already rising and taking action, and it’s beautiful: from nationwide walkouts for immigrant rights on college campuses to protests at Senate offices against a climate denier cabinet, people are standing together. That resistance will continue to grow.

This moment of upheaval and change calls on us to do more — to break out of our comfort zones, to grapple with complexity, and to show up ready to learn. It won’t be easy, but from day one of Trump’s administration we will step into our power together and show that the people who want justice represent a force too great to ignore.

See you in the streets.

P.S. If you are joining the It Takes Roots delegation at the Women’s March on Washington, share on social media why you’re joining with the hashtag #ItTakesRoots. If you’re joining a sister march, share your reasons for marching on social media using the hashtag #WhyIMarch and #IMarchFor.

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