In a massive boost of momentum, groups are starting up all over New York City to tackle climate change in a very specific way.  The White Roof Project just finished painting 10,000 square feet of roof solar-reflective white in the Lower East Side of the city.  

Why white roofs?  In most cities around the world, flat roofs are painted tar black, soaking up the sun's heat and holding on to it, to the detriment of both residents' health and the health of our planet.  Dark roofs can be 85 degrees F hotter than white roofs, and apartments in those building 35 degrees F hotter.  Those roofs contribute to heat-related illnesses and deaths and add to the heat of the city and the heat of the Earth.

So, people are getting to work painting roofs white–for the tenants, for the city, and for the climate.  The photo here is from the White Roof Project's work this past weekend.  And on 10/10/10, NYC organizers are planning to take it to the next level, painting several large roofs at once in different areas of New York.  If you live in a city and are looking for a good way to get to work on 10/10/10, the New York project is a great inspiration.

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