How does one travel in a 350 world?  Arne Reuter has one solution.

Arne, from Germany, has just launched the 350 Sailing Challenge – an attempt to fund and race a 350 sailboat in one of the around-the-world sailing regattas.  His goals are many, but they all seem right on target with the challenges of 350 we have moving forward.  One of those goals is in demonstrating that sailing around the world is hard work – it's not like taking a cruise. But that's ok with Arne, because it's also many times more rewarding.  

Additional goals include educating the public with speaking tours, getting climate science into the media surrounding the race, and (we did not put him up to this we swear) auctioning the boat at the end of the trip, donating the money to 350 campaigning. Thanks, Arne!

If you would like to support Arne in realizing his dream, sign up on his facebook page here and he will be in touch.  If that's not the kind of support you are interested in, then take inspiration from his ambition to get to work promoting climate solutions and get to work with us, too.  

Arne's idea, and hundreds of others coming into our inboxes all the time, make us incredibly excited for this coming October, when we'll once again bring all that energy together on a single day for a really powerful, global story.  Get ready!


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