There has been an awful lot of sad news from Yemen of late, but here is a bit of good news coming from a country seeing some hard times…

Across Yemen there are a number of 350 actions in the works for the 24th of October, with one registered thus far in Sana’a.  There will be lectures, artwork, and generally spreading the number 350 far and wide.  And the action has already begun.  

There was this beautiful, sea-side formation a few days back, already generating a buzz in the media (the link is in Arabic, but thanks to 350 being Arabic numerals you recognize the main point of the article pretty easily).  And just today we heard from folks who have planted seeds in the shape of 350 in their garden.  This is just the beginning, they report, as their plans for country-wide publicity is to commence in the coming weeks.

Many thanks to Fizan bin Naam and the Friends of Environment Society in Yemen for setting this all in motion!


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