I just got back from the Conference of Youth here in Copenhagen, a gathering of over 500 young people from more than 50 countries to get ready for the upcoming two weeks of the UN Climate Negotiations.

It’s hard to convey just how inspiring it is to be here, surrounded by youth from every corner of the world, many of whom organized events for October 24 and are continuing the 350 movement in their home countries. There’s Tinebeb Yohannes, who organized a 15,000 person march in Ethiopia. There’s Thuy Duong, who organized a massive 350 youth conference and bike ride in Hanoi, which was featured in the New York Times. Or, Aaron Packard who organized our first 350 event on October 24 at sunrise in New Zealand.

Yesterday, the conference opened with speakers from Singapore to India and workshops on the UN process, climate science, communications, and grassroots organizing. Today, youth are getting down into the nitty gritty of strategy, tactics, and messaging for the days ahead, looking for unique ways to shake up the climate negotiations and get the kind of action we need.

To see these great organizers, and so many more, in the same room, strategizing, sharing ideas, and simply chatting it up, has been one of the great highlights of my year. And it makes it all the more inspiring to know that there are thousands more like them — all of you, busy planning vigils for this coming weekend, building a movement in your communities. We have something truly special here.

I don’t think the world knows what’s about to hit them.

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