Youth around the world have a lot to be angry about. They've inherited a planet that is entirely out of balance, and an atmosphere that, at this rate, will not be able to sustain the natural abundance or human prosperity that past generations have had the opportunity to enjoy.


That's why several highly motivated students formed the non-profit project Kids vs. Global Warming; they wanted to create a platform for other youth around the world to voice their anger over the lack of action on climate change by their governments, and to put forward a visible public statement that the most vulnerable generation has a right to a healthy atmosphere and planet. With the help of and many other partner organizations, that public statement will materialize in the form of a global demonstration: the iMatter March.

Beginning on May 8, 2011 (Mother's Day for anyone living in the U.S.), youth will take to the streets in cities around the world as part of the iMatter March—a demonstration of thousands of youth marching in solidarity against climate change—to demand that their governments commit to a 5% reduction in carbon emissions, to protect the wellbeing of future generations.

Check out this invitation from Alec, Akilah, Alex and the rest of the iMatter team:

This is the Revolution for Our Generation! Our revolution is about rethinking how we live on the earth and breaking our dependence on fossil fuels. It's about creating a sustainable and just society, a society where oceans and animals, the atmosphere andfuture generations are valued just as much as convenience and short term profits. Our revolution is about changing habits and mindsets so that we are living as if our future matters.

During the iMatter March, young people, along with those who love us, will march in the streets of cities across the world to issue a wake-up call to the ruling generation that will be so loud, so provocative, and so genuine that we will be impossible to ignore. Join us. This is our time. We matter.


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