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Reflections on the train towards Ende Gelände

I’m writing this from a train as I zoom through the countryside towards Cologne and the Ende Gelände mass action. I wanted to share with you some personal reflections (and, of course, a final reminder of practical details you’ll need to join in person). Cologne is a place I normally associate with holiday time and... (More...)
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NYT fails to mention that the “National Association of Scholars” is actually an industry funded right wing think tank

Update: After posting this piece yesterday, the National Association of Scholars got in touch with us to push back on some of the assertions I made below, especially on the structure of NAS and its funding. The (admittedly short) research I’d done on NAS pulled up a description from SourceWatch that said “according to its... (More...)

Eyewitness to Extreme Weather

11 Social Media Posts that Show Just How Crazy Things Are Lately it’s been feeling like my Facebook feed has been filling up with friends sharing photos from the floods, wildfires, and heatwaves in their towns. I don’t think it’s just me seeing this. Yesterday, Rolling Stone said in an article “historians may look to... (More...)
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