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10 awesome things we did together in 2015

We’ve really been on a roll this year. And when I say we I don’t just mean 350.org the organization. I mean this big, broad movement we’ve built together — you, me, 350’s many partner organizations, the hundreds of local groups we work with every day, and all the many individuals around the world who... (More...)

El Niño: State of Emergency

Intensified by climate change, this El Niño is exceeding previous records and it is on track to unleashing severe and destructive extreme weather in the coming months. “This El Niño is playing out in uncharted territory. Our planet has altered dramatically because of climate change.” — Michel Jarraud, Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization  ... (More...)
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Pathway to Paris Concerts

Pathway to Paris is a collection of musicians, activists, visionaries and artists coming together to use their creative skills to highlight solutions to climate change. On December 4, 5 at Le Trianon in Paris — there were incredible concerts featuring Patti Smith, Thom Yorke, Vandana Shiva, Naomi Klein, Flea, Bill McKibben and many more. They were powerful... (More...)
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The Paris Agreement, and What the Future Holds

Today is a historic day: as tens of thousands of people filled the streets of Paris, politicians finalized a major new global climate agreement. The deal in Paris includes an agreement to limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius, with an aim of 1.5 degrees, and achieve climate ‘neutrality’ that will require phasing out... (More...)
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What The Paris Agreement Does, and Doesn’t Do

Some people are relaxing after organizing a really powerful redlines action Some people are still trying to figure out what this climate agreement will really get us. Some people are gearing up to keep on fighting. Because that’s what we need. Here’s a rough (unofficial) overview of some different parts of the agreement: – Temperature... (More...)

Climate Leader? Don’t Auction Off Fossil Fuels

Yesterday, the Obama Administration canceled what had previously been a relatively obscure DC event: an auction selling off the drilling and mining rights to fossil fuels on government-owned lands. The Administration called off the auction after hundreds of people signed up to protest the scheduled Thursday event, and after the White House phones were clogged... (More...)
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