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We are building a people-powered movement for climate action. That means stopping fossil fuel expansion and passing Just Transition legislation. We need as many people as possible on board.

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Tell Trudeau to stop delaying climate action.

We are living through a climate emergency. Call on Justin Trudeau to stop delaying action. That means immediately ending fossil fuel expansion and passing legislation to ensure a rapid, just transition to 100% clean energy.

Over the past year, extreme heat, fires, floods and storms have caused chaos across Canada. This summer, large parts of the globe are suffering through deadly heat waves like the Heat Dome that struck BC in 2021. Despite the worsening climate crisis, our federal government keeps approving new fossil fuel projects, building pipelines, and slow-walking promised Just Transition legislation.  

This policy of Climate Delay has replaced climate denial as the biggest threat to our shared future. It’s up to all of us to make our politicians snap out of it and take the bold action we need. Sign the petition now and join our people-powered movement for climate justice.

Dear Justin Trudeau, the planet is on fire. Stop delaying climate action.

After the town of Lytton, BC burned to the ground last year, you gave a speech at the UN promising to go "further, faster" to tackle the climate emergency. Since then, people across Canada and around the world have faced an onslaught of climate disasters from extreme heat and fires to storms and floods. Yet, your government continues to make this crisis worse by supporting the fossil fuel industry to profit  from climate breakdown.

Today, I’m calling on you to act on your bold words and stop delaying climate action. That means:
  1. An immediate moratorium on new fossil fuel approvals and a freeze on all fossil fuel infrastructure projects under construction — including the Trans Mountain pipeline and Bay du Nord.
  2. Pass a Just Transition Act that supports workers and communities as we race to build a 100% clean energy economy at the speed science and justice demand, with a focus on Indigenous, remote, rural and other communities on the front lines of the climate crisis.
Lytton hasn’t even finished rebuilding and they’re being threatened by an out-of-control wildfire once again this summer. While climate disasters turn our communities upside down, you’re actively making the problem worse by approving new fossil fuel megaprojects like Bay du Nord, using taxpayer dollars to make sure the Trans Mountain pipeline gets built, and slow-walking the Just Transition legislation you promised in 2019. By propping up Big Oil instead of doubling down on a rapid, just transition to clean energy you are putting me and everyone I love at risk.

If you’re serious about tackling the climate crisis and protecting communities, it’s time to stop fossil fuel expansion in its tracks and invest in the green jobs and the critical infrastructure needed to retool our economy as we rapidly shift away from fossil fuels.

Dear Justin Trudeau, the planet is on fire. Stop delaying climate action.

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Help us win bold climate action and a just transition that puts workers and communities first.

By signing up with the 350 Canada Climate Corps, you will join a nationwide network of volunteers organizing every city and town in this country until we win a Just Transition.

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