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Tell Trudeau: Make the Just Transition Act Your #1 Priority

Please add your name to the petition demanding Trudeau makes the Just Transition Act a top priority.

It’s been nearly 3 years since Justin Trudeau promised it, but we’ve seen no serious progress. We need Parliament to meet this moment and pass sweeping Just Transition legislation that acts at the speed of the climate crisis, creates good, green jobs, and leaves no one behind.

Sign the petition today and help us send an unmistakable message to Trudeau about the strength of our movement.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, we’re calling on you and your new government to make a Just Transition Act your top priority.

You promised a Just Transition Act back in 2019 and we’ve barely seen any progress. That’s why we’re calling on you and your new government to make a Just Transition Act your top priority. While this is urgent, it also needs to be done right. 

 That’s why we want to ensure that your Just Transition legislation follows these three key principles:

 1) Guarantee good, green, union jobs. A just transition should guarantee a good, green, unionized job to anyone who wants one . Putting a jobs guarantee at the centre of the just transition will help ensure nobody is left behind as we meet the climate crisis. 

2) Put people first. A just transition can’t be another excuse to hand billions of dollars over to Big Oil and other corporations. These companies should pay to clean up their own messes. The resources we put towards a just transition should go directly to the people and communities who need them. We know that both climate change and the energy transition will disproportionately impact Indigenous, rural and northern communities. Those most impacted are going to need the most support, and it’s up to your government to make sure that happens. 

3) Align with climate science. We need this transition to move at the pace and scale the climate emergency demands. That means that the timeline for and scale for phasing out fossil fuels needs to line up with the latest reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. At a minimum, that means a moratorium on all fossil fuel expansion, including freezing fossil fuel projects currently under construction -- like the Trans Mountain pipeline. 

Getting this legislation right could mean the difference between putting Canada on the right track when it comes to meeting the climate crisis, or continuing down the dangerous path we’re currently on. You have the power to make sure we meet this moment and leave no one behind.

That’s why we’re calling on you to make a Just Transition Act your top priority.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, we’re calling on you and your new government to make a Just Transition Act your top priority.

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