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How a Cardboard Sign and a Sharpie forced Climate Change onto the Campaign Trail

Yesterday, local activists disrupted Stephen Harper’s campaign stop in Montreal to remind him that you can’t avoid the issue of climate and tar sands expansion if you’re campaigning to be leader of this country. Organizers from communities opposed to the Energy East and Line 9b pipelines, local residents, members of the CSN workers union and students from Divest... (More...)
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Bird-dogging the Campaign trail in Canada: Week 3 in Review

WEEK 3: Wherever federal leaders go, questions follow Last week’s election campaign was marked by all three major federal leaders being called out about the tar sands. Coast to coast, the wave of diverse actions travelled from New Brunswick, to Manitoba, to British Columbia. It started with a special welcoming committee for Stephen Harper on the campaign... (More...)
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Civic activism in Russia: an unexpected triumph of democracy

Civic engagement in Russia: on the wane or changing format? It has become commonplace to complain about the decrease in civic activity in today’s Russia. There are indeed fewer thousand-strong marches and rallies in downtown Moscow now than a few years ago. The reasons for this have been much written about; but it seems more... (More...)

How 1,500 people shut down Europe’s biggest source of CO2

On Saturday, around 1,500 people set off from the climate camp in Germany’s Rhineland early in the morning to try and enter the open-pit lignite mine of Garzweiler  and block the massive excavators.   Utility company RWE’s lignite mines and power plants in the Rhineland are the biggest source of CO2 emissions in Europe. Three of the five... (More...)
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Eyewitness to Extreme Weather

11 Social Media Posts that Show Just How Crazy Things Are Lately it’s been feeling like my Facebook feed has been filling up with friends sharing photos from the floods, wildfires, and heatwaves in their towns. I don’t think it’s just me seeing this. Yesterday, Rolling Stone said in an article “historians may look to... (More...)
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We’re Rocking with Thom Yorke, Patti Smith (& more) in Paris

We’re thrilled that our friends over at the “Pathway to Paris” initiative just announced an amazing concert that they’re throwing in Paris during the COP21 Climate Talks this December to benefit The concert will feature musical acts like Thom Yorke, Patti Smith, Flea, Dhani Harrison, Tenzin Choegyal, Jesse Paris Smith, and Rebecca Foon.  And it will include... (More...)
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We > Tar Sands: Media round-up of July 4

   On July 4, thousands across the country from Atlantic Canada to British-Colombia mobilized on foot, bike and boat to show that we are greater than the tar sands and standing for Jobs, Justice and the Climate. They proved that together, we are ready to move to a new, justice-based economy that works for people and the planet.... (More...)

One Earth, One Human Family: climate march in Rome

Thousands marched in Rome today to celebrate the Pope’s recent call for urgent climate action   People of faith, civil society groups, and communities impacted by climate change marched together in Rome this Sunday to express gratitude to Pope Francis for the release of his encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si’, and call for bolder... (More...)
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4 Reasons to Get Excited about July 4th

With the #JobsJusticeClimate mobilizations just one week away, groups all across Canada are gearing up to host inspiring events in their towns. In all their diversity and local flavors, these actions are sending a common, clear and strong message that we can do better — that we can take real climate action while building a... (More...)