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Houston tells Obama: Stop Deportations, Stop Keystone XL!

All photos taken by the Tar Sands Blockade ( Post written by Stephanie Thomas On April 9th over 75 people gathered together in Houston, TX, to greet President Obama as his motorcade left a fundraiser for Democrats. We came with a purpose: to tell him to stop deportations and stop the Keystone XL Pipeline. Community... (More...)
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Chicago Greets Obama to say, No KXL!

By JC Kibbey Six years ago, fighting for what I believed in meant knocking on doors in the cold to help a freshman senator named Barack Obama become President. Yesterday, it meant standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a fired-up crowd of activists to demand that President Obama keep his word on climate change. Building the Keystone XL... (More...)
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The Rising Cost of Climate Impacts in India

The impacts of climate change over the last few years have been growing in scale and suffering as the poorest and the most vulnerable in India take the biggest hit. Take the recent crop devastation caused by unprecedented hail storms in central and southern India where over a 100 farmers committed suicide unable to bear... (More...)
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XL Dissent: The moment it begins

The first buses of students are beginning to arrive in DC for this weekend’s XL Dissent protest at the White House. I’m in a cafe just around the corner from the Thurgood Marshall Center, where students will be gathering this afternoon for a meetup on fossil fuel divestment. Later tonight, they’ll take part in a... (More...)
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Let’s live that fantasy.

“That kind of fuel just ain’t for us, we crave a different kind of buzz.” NOLA’s Captain P. rocks the spandex, does a mean Lorde cover. Watch: Find Captain P. on Twitter here. (More...)

Thank You, Representative Waxman

Representative Henry Waxman (D) of California announced this morning that he would be retiring from Congress after forty years of service. Rep. Waxman was the rare lawmaker who didn’t just talk about climate change,  he worked diligently to understand and present the science of the crisis. He understood that physics, not politics, will ultimately judge... (More...)