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We’re Rocking with Thom Yorke, Patti Smith (& more) in Paris

We’re thrilled that our friends over at the “Pathway to Paris” initiative just announced an amazing concert that they’re throwing in Paris during the COP21 Climate Talks this December to benefit The concert will feature musical acts like Thom Yorke, Patti Smith, Flea, Dhani Harrison, Tenzin Choegyal, Jesse Paris Smith, and Rebecca Foon.  And it will include... (More...)
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We > Tar Sands: Media round-up of July 4

   On July 4, thousands across the country from Atlantic Canada to British-Colombia mobilized on foot, bike and boat to show that we are greater than the tar sands and standing for Jobs, Justice and the Climate. They proved that together, we are ready to move to a new, justice-based economy that works for people and the planet.... (More...)

One Earth, One Human Family: climate march in Rome

Thousands marched in Rome today to celebrate the Pope’s recent call for urgent climate action   People of faith, civil society groups, and communities impacted by climate change marched together in Rome this Sunday to express gratitude to Pope Francis for the release of his encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si’, and call for bolder... (More...)
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4 Reasons to Get Excited about July 4th

With the #JobsJusticeClimate mobilizations just one week away, groups all across Canada are gearing up to host inspiring events in their towns. In all their diversity and local flavors, these actions are sending a common, clear and strong message that we can do better — that we can take real climate action while building a... (More...)

Ludzkość ma jeden wspólny dom

Papieska encyklika jest przestrogą. Jej przesłanie bierze się z troski o naszą planetę – „wspólny dom” jak nazywa ją sam Papież. Interpretowanie jej w kategoriach ataku i agresji świadczy o głęboko zakorzenionym strachu i braku zrozumienia dla osiągnięć współczesnej nauki. Encyklika Oficjalna prezentacja encykliki “Laudato sii” odbyła się dzisiaj w Watykanie o godzinie 11.00. Przedstawią... (More...)

May Boeve, Next Generation Leader

May Boeve is emphatically not your typical non-profit Executive Director. Which is to say: her life isn’t swanky cocktail parties in local halls of power, nor barking out orders to a cadre of aides, nor making fly-by-night phone calls to powerful political operatives, nor technocratic budgeting on Excel. No — 350’s Executive Director should really be called Activist-in-Chief,... (More...)

The Marshall Island’s Momentum Changing Proposal for Shipping

UPDATE: The International Maritime Organisation shelved the Marshall Islands’ proposal on May 13 after it failed to win critical support among member states.  This week as the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) meets in London, they’ll be considering a proposal from the Republic of the Marshall Islands calling for a binding global reduction target on shipping... (More...)
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Rising up, in Baltimore and beyond

If we want climate justice — not just adaptation to or even mitigation of climate change — then it’s important to understand the structural drivers of the crisis. I’m thinking about those drivers today, and I’m thinking about Baltimore. The story of Baltimore doesn’t start with the wrongful death of Freddie Gray. It didn’t start... (More...)
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Emergency in the lake Baikal region: global warming heralds nothing of any good, even for the Russian cold

In the very first days of 2015, Russia’s Minister of Natural Resources, Sergei Donskoi, officially declared Baikal an emergency zone  because of a catastrophic drop in its water level. Baikal is the globe’s largest freshwater lake and is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is Russia’s pride and one of the most popular tourist... (More...)